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Lana Masor

CEO | Maison Masor

Interior design that is inspired by fashion and function, while being creative and comfortable, and always unique and undeniably family friendly. Your home reimagined.

This is Maison Masor LLC.

Lana Masor is the CEO and Principal Designer of Maison Masor, a full-service interior design firm located in Montclair, NJ.

Maison Masor creates bespoke designs to reflect our clients' style and personality. By marrying different periods, styles, textures and colors, we achieve a warm, collected feel that is timeless.

Lana is also a part of 4 Flavors Art, which provides art consultancy services, and can help you acquire the perfect art piece, and have it installed beautifully on your walls.

The refined space never goes out of style.

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