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Painting by: Sen2 Figueroa

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SCOPE Miami Beach 2022
Location: 801 Ocean Drive Miami Beach - Booth A13
Date(s): Tuesday, Nov. 29 - Sunday, Dec. 04
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LA Art Show
Location: LA Convention Center, West Hall
Date(s): Tuesday, Feb. 15 - Sunday, Feb. 19
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Hamptons Fine Art Fair
Location: Southampton Fairgrounds, Southampton NY
Date(s): Thursday, Jul. 13 - Sunday, Jul. 16
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Paintings by: Angela China

CEO | Maison Masor Art

Lana Masor is the CEO of Maison Masor Art, an exclusive specialty-service for artists, art enthusiasts, and seasoned collectors. She operates a salon-style art gallery in the heart of downtown Montclair, New Jersey. The gallery was born out of the need for both art enthusiasts and art collectors to experience art in a non-traditional gallery environment. Maison Masor Art has participated in many prestigious art fairs such as Scope Miami, Art Market Hamptons, Spring/Break, and 14C. Lana is also co-curator for President Bill Clinton's Harlem office.